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What You Should Know About Finding Carthusia Perfume in Australia

As a perfume company, Carthusia can be quite mysterious to many people. This Italian house is rather small and only produces a few lines. However, what it does produce is of the highest quality, and remains among the finest in the world. Those who are interested in purchasing Carthusia scents do well to take the time to get to know more about this brand and the scents that it produces, whether they are interested in the ever-popular Fiori di Capri or other scents such as its Mediterraneo or Camerelle. Additionally, when searching for Carthusia perfume in Australia shoppers should be aware of where they can find these scents, as they can be difficult to procure if you don’t know where to look.

A Primer on Carthusia Fragrance in Australia and Beyond

When you set out to search for Carthusia perfume in Sydney or other areas in Australia, it wouldn’t be surprising if you were searching for Fiori di Capri in particular. This is after all the first Carthusia fragrance ever produced and remains among the most popular of the Carthusia perfumes. Its aroma is described as particularly joyful and has a Mediterranean feel, as do most fragrances in the Carthusia family. Notes included in this perfume include wild carnation, lily of the valley, and oak. However, other underlying notes include amber, sandalwood, and ylang ylang, creating a scent that is truly unforgettable.

For something different, but just as fascinating, you may want to try Mediterraneo instead. This is an incredibly stimulating scent, which combines the bright, fresh scent of lemon leaves with the pristine freshness of green tea. Finally, there is Camerelle. Like Mediterraneo, you will find lemon in this scent, but you will also find notes of bitter orange along with sea moss and cedar wood. This combination of floral and sea notes is perfect for the woman who wants to celebrate her love for the sea as well as her love for life.

Finding Quality Perfumes in Australia from Carthusia

If you are looking for a Carthusia fragrance in Sydney and other areas in Australia – or any other Carthusia bath and body products such as soaps – then Vintage Luggage Company is your best resource. We have Fiori di Capri, Camerelle, and Mediterraneo perfumes in varying sizes. Also, check out our variety of bath and body products from Carthusia so that you can continue to indulge in the aroma of this wonderful brand while you kick back and relax. We also stock a range of other perfumes and fragrances from other manufacturers for you to enjoy, so be sure to explore the world of products that we have in store.

At Vintage Luggage Company, we love these fragrances, which have a history spanning centuries, and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do. See the listings on our site to check out everything that we have available from Carthusia.